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Head Tilt Mayhem

Yesterday I experienced something I never ever ever want to experience again.  EVER!

Let’s start at the beginning.  I felt pretty good for the most part until about 12:30pm.  Oh, I guess I should tell you that Thursday I ended up leaving work a few hours early because I was stupid and went to read outside during my lunch break.  I lasted a whopping 5 minutes and then came in as I was utterly exhausted.  The MS exhaustion that is and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So off I leave for home and crash the rest of the day in my bed.  Okay, so Friday I wake up and feel good.  I little achy but that is my norm.  Around 12:30pm I head over to my thyroid ultrasound appointment.  All is well as I get there early and get in early.  Woot!  Then it happens.

The ultrasound tech lady asks me to lie down with my shoulders at the top of the pillow so my head is tilted down.  So I hop up on the table and proceed to do as she asked.  Immediately, I’m feeling dizzy and a little odd.  I wanted to watch the screen as she started to do the right side of my neck but that was making the feeling rose.  So I close my eyes.  That doesn’t help. The dizziness continues to get worse, then I start sweating and I’m getting chills like you do when you have the flu.  By the time she moves over to the left side of my neck and telling myself to take deep breaths and relax.  However, now I can feel my hands starting to tingle and I’m really not feeling too hot. She finishes on the right side and tells me not much longer.  I haven’t uttered a word the entire time and am praying over and over to make her get is down as fast as she can.  Well, the last part she ultrasounds is the center of my neck and that really, really, really makes me feel horrible.  Its so uncomfortable and my entire body is hating it and making me feel horrible.  She finally finishes and I slowly raise up to sitting level and I tell her I have to sit awhile before I go. When I sit up things get worse if that is possible.  Both my arms from elbow down through my hands start vibrating internally.  I’m not talking tingling.  This is full out vibration as if I was holding a jack-hammer but it is inside my body.  My legs are weak and basically my whole body and I feel I should get to the bathroom.  I’m sitting there thinking something is seriously wrong and maybe the tech should be calling a doctor. But I don’t say a word and actually was miffed that the tech didn’t notice I looked like death and call someone herself.  Pfft.  Well, the vibrations start to diminish some and I decide to head to the bathroom out in the waiting room area.  My whole body was soaked and I’m sure I looked like death walking there.  I made it though and stay in the bathroom for awhile until I don’t feel quite as bad.  I look at my palms and my feet and they are bright red.  Well, I tell myself to walk out to my car and sit there as long as I want.  I make it out to the car and know there is no way I can go back to work but I’m also thinking there is no way I can drive 25 miles home. I try to think how I could get home without driving.  The hubs doesn’t work in the same town or even close so I would be waiting forever for him.  I supposed I could call people at work, but then I think that would mean I would have to leave my car in the clinic’s parking and it would get towed if left overnight.  I think I could possible get two people from work to help out but I don’t want to be a burde.  Soooo, I decide I will drive home.  Yep, stupid.  The drive home I have the air conditioning full blast and I’m still sweating.  I’m so out of it that it is very hard to focus on anything.  I’m driving like a zombie I imagine.  I took it slow.  I talked to myself (inside my head) the entire time and prayed and prayed to make it home safely.  I had to repeatedly blink my eyes to focus.  Towards the end of the drive I had to start squeezing my face or pinching myself to focus.  Well, I did make it home and I tore my clothes off as I get inside and lie down and fall asleep for 2 hours.  The rest of the day I spent in bed because I was wiped out.  I didn’t feel that horribleness anymore but it took its toll.

It’s the next day now and I’m weak all over. A trip to the grocery store was tiring.  Taking the laundry downstairs and then bringing it up after it was finished was tiring.  Every time I have to go up stairs or down stairs I seriously think I need to consider moving to a new home that is single level.  This has been in my head now for quite some time.  It seems inevitable that this house will not work out for me with MS. Today I also have stiffness in the very lower calves and ankles.  Yep, another thing I’ve noticed.  I wonder if this is what they call spasticity.

Yesterday was frightening. I had moments where I seriously wanted to die rather than feel that horrible. I really thought I was going to pass out driving home.  How stupid of me but I didn’t see any other choice.  You see, I hate asking for help and honestly I don’t even know who I can ask for help.  Everyone that I know has there own problems and I don’t want to become one of them. I’m pretty much a loner and I don’t reach out for anything. I’m not social so my circle of friends is very very small and practically non-existent.  I have people that are acquaintances and are my friends but we don’t go out and do things together.  So there is a limitation of how much I would open up.  It’s very hard for me to open up.  Too many things have happened in my life that I’ve really closed myself.  But, then again, I’ve always been this way. It’s been only a few times that I’ve made really good friends and then circumstances (distance) pull us apart and it fades away.

I guess with yesterday’s head tilt mayhem, I’ve finally had a scary moment which I believe was MS related.  I’m pretty sure it was related just because I tilted my head back.  Lesson learned:  Never ever tilt my head backwards lying down or even standing up.


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Headaches are out to get me

(I HATE having to come up with blog post titles. I seriously suck at it)

Hello peeps, I know you have all been waiting on the wonderful happenings of me. I’ve been off caffeine now since….hmmm…well awhile now. I sometimes think about having a tea from McDonalds but have avoided it so far. Water is what I drink. I like water so that is a good thing. My skin has really improved.  I’m still attempting to eat real foods but there are days that I find that hard to do.  If I do allow myself something that has sugar in it, I find that I start craving it for the rest of the day and even several days after it.  I must be super sensitive to its effects.  That’s just great…NOT!  It’s frustrating and pisses me off especially since I love sweets.  I’ve been having nasty-ass headaches and have pinpointed it to 1) I’m lying down and 2) I’m sleeping.  (These are a pain in the ass…oh wait, I meant head.)  They are centered above my left eye and won’t go away with Tylenol or ibuprofen.  I did notice that if I laid on my left-side that the pain would dull enough to let me fall asleep or would go completely away.  Most nights (5 out of 7 days) these suckers would wake me up in the middle of the night and I was always on my back or right side.  So, I roll over to the left and then it starts fading.   My left arm has also been falling asleep whether lying or just sitting somewhere.  I finally called Dr. M even though I really didn’t want to.  I forced myself to make the call because of the weird left side connection.  I’m thinking blood blockages and such. The conclusion?  I’m back on the Flexeril at night.  I had cut it out back when I cut out Betaseron.  I’m not thrilled I have to take it again, but I haven’t had a headache since starting so I guess I’m relieved.

I found another weird symptom that I’m assuming is MS related.  It’s kind of bizarre and I haven’t heard anyone talking about this so maybe I’m just crazy.  What is it you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  I can be standing (usually) or sitting, and I will feel a vibration on my upper left outer thigh.  When this happens I reach into my pocket for my cell phone thinking its vibrating.  (No shit, this is exactly what it feels like!).  I don’t find my phone in my pocket (because I rarely do that but it is just instinct to reach for it) and then proceed to glance down at the location.  I have no idea what I am actually looking for….perhaps I think I have a bee or something there?!?.  Who knows really what I’m doing.  In any case, I end up a little dumbfounded and hoping no one sees me acting a little odd. In any case, the vibration only lasts a few seconds and then its gone. It’s always on that left side (again with the left side!)  Weird, right?  Yea, that’s me.

I’m still trekking to the fitness club about 4x a week.  Hydro-massage is heavenly.  Oh, about the massage.  There are pressure settings on how intense you want the pressure.  I typically use about a 3 or 4 initially and then less as the time passes.  The lowest setting is kind of interesting in the fact that I can pinpoint where I have less feeling in my legs.  I’m not sure ‘feeling’ is the right word but it sort of mimics the neuro’s exam when they poke you with a pin or when they use that vibrating stick (yes, I know there is a name for it but I have no idea what it is so…whatever).   Thanks goodness I’m not pressure-sensitive there with touch.  I cringe with pain / uncomfortableness when someone lightly touches my upper arms.  I pat, a rub, leaning on me.  All those make me jump back and get angry.  Of course, other people do not know I’m experiencing this pain sensation so can get quite hurt when I tell them ‘Do Not Touch Me!’.  Live and learn peeps.


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