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Oh where, oh where, has my blogging gone?

My last post (before this one)….October 1st.

My current state…..Marvelous, Wonderful, Superfragilisticexpealodocious!!

Since refusing to give MS attention and wallow in my own self-pitiness (yes, that is a word.  It’s possibly a word I made up) I have been feeling……well, marvelous, wonderful, superfragilisticexpealodocious!!  I’m not taking any medication for MS specifically now and I couldn’t be feeling any more fabulous.  I’m still taking the Vitamin D daily and low and behold my thyroid medication was the wrong dosage so now that has been resolved for months.  I had an MRI back in December and NO new lesions and nothing lighting up showing activity!!! (activity related to MS that is, I do actually have a brain and it does function.  lol)

I got my ass in gear and joined a weight loss program at a local hospital.  I did this on November 7th.  Tomorrow I am hoping I hit the 40lbs down mark which is exactly the amount of weight I put on from the Betaseron fiasco. I feel amazing!  I won’t stop on the plan though as I have many more pounds to go.  Long-term goal is to be down to my goal weight by end of July 2013.  Short-term goal is to lose at least 10lbs a month which I have been hitting easily.  I have more energy than I know what to do with and no longer have constant thoughts about food or how crappy I look or feel.

2013 is so much better than 2012 was.  That year sucked with physical issues as you well know if you have been reading this blog since the beginning.  (ha ha ha, right!  lol)

  • I started a business of making items and selling at vendor/craft shows whenever I feel like it  (come like my page on Facebook:  Oh, Horse Feathers.  Psst, there are lots of items on sale as I want to get rid of the stock!!).
  • I’ve signed myself and my daughter up for Belly Dancing classes.  I’ve always wanted to learn but never had the guts,  It’s nice to be able to drag my daughter there since she is just the right age for it.
  • I’ve finally gotten into a few Digital Photography classes.  Maybe now I will understand what the hell I’m doing when I take pictures and how to use the lenses I have.  Those settings totally confuse me!
  • Our central Illinois winter has been non-existent so far.  YAY!!!  Yesterday was in the 60s!  I hate snow & ice so I’m ecstatic over what we have been experiencing.
  • I FINALLY hooked up Roku and Boxee to our TVs at home.  That may not sound very exciting but I put this off forever for no reason other than laziness.
  • I have been stating my ‘I Am’ affirmations like I said I would back in the last post.  I’ve done it every single day.  I am a true believer of stating intentions and affirmations.  It was worked so many times in my life.  Thank you again, Dr. Wayne Dyer!!!
  • I’m still in love with exclamation marks when I write posts!!!!!!!!  Oh, yeah!

The year will be one of the best ever!

Until next time……..




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This morning I started up on the Betaseron shots again.  My doctor is using me as a lab experiment to see if it is the medication that makes me feel like crapola.  (Why, yes, I know it is.  Let’s just go with that).  I’m on .25 dosage which is not much at all.  I hate throwing out good medicine that is still in the vial.  It seems like a waste of money but you do whatcha gotta do.  I’m totally stressing about what new medication I will be prescribed because of the whole insurance thing with what they will cover, etc (and the nasty copay I may have).

I was doing great on my diet up until about a week (plus another half but I didn’t really want to say that.  Hey that cats out of the bag now!  ((Who put the cat in a bag?))).  Today I am trying to be good and stick to the plan completely. After about 3 days all the sugar cravings (or carbs) will cease and it will become easier.  I’m not sure why I went off the plan.  I was doing great.  Oh well, one of those things I guess.   I know I definitely felt better on it and some aches actually came back when I started eating gobs of sugar again.  So, I need to remember that I experience pain when I eat bad things.  Sugar addiction / carb addiction is REAL, PEOPLE!  Nasty stuff (but tastes so yummy).

Current symptoms I’ve been having that I relate to MS:

1.  While walking to my car, all of a sudden, I get this strange sensation in my head and I start leaning forward and to the left and start walking at an angle rather than straight, which is what I was trying to do.  Luckily it lasted for about 6 steps and was over with.  My head still felt weird for a few hours though.

2.  I seem to not be lifting my right foot up high enough when getting in or out of cars.  I’ve stumbled 5 times in the past couple of weeks.

3.  My whole body jerks when about to fall asleep. I have no idea if this is MS related but a couple of nights ago it did it three times in a row.  VERY annoying.

4.  My energy is still with me since being off the meds.  I’ve been able to do so many things.  I can’t believe for 5 months I lived with feeling like crap.  It feels good to feel somewhat normal.  (Although many will tell you I’m not very normal.  *giggle*)

I’m starting to feel stressed out again or should I say anxious.  There are many reasons.  I’m pretty much in a sad state of mind and have been for a long time now.  That definitely takes a toll on me and stress in life for me.




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