Feeling prettah, prettah, prettah….good

01 Oct

No news from me means one of two things.  One:  I’m busy as all hell or Two:  I’m feeling pretty good.  In my case, BOTH are true.

I’ve decided I am not even going to think about MS anymore.  When I do…well I feel crappy.  I know that positive thoughts can do wonders.  I wallow away in a lot of negative thoughts and so I’m trying to turn that around.  I’ve started doing some positive affirmations in the morning when I first get up.  I also am stating my ‘I Am’ wishes (affirmations) throughout the day.  (Thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer!)

My wonderful daughter is in lots of things (because I keep putting her in them.  lol!)  I’m a typical mom I imagine.   We moms will work a full-time job and then grab our kid to take them to some type of practice or event.  We get home sometime after the sun has already gone down.  We really are super-moms!!!   The good news (I think) is that I’ve been able to keep up with it.  Yes, I have days where I am feeling the MS fatigue or something, but most days and most hours of the day I feel good. Woohoo!!!!

My focus this month will be to continue the positive affirmations, to really, really try to eat conciously and to not put some things off to the last minute (like sewing pageant costumes).  Have a great October everyone!!!!!



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3 responses to “Feeling prettah, prettah, prettah….good

  1. jackie376

    October 1, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    How inspirational and positive! Good for you! Just keep counting those blessings and they will get you through each day 🙂

  2. Renee' Ramlow

    October 1, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    2 things
    First WOW!!! What a GREAT post. I hope you continue to live and have positive affirmations. I have read one of (dr?) Amens books change your brain change your mind. I think thats the title-im too lazy to get up n check.
    Second–you typed the magic word!!!!!!PAGEANT
    I was 4th runner up in a pageant in WI back in 88′
    Tell me more if you have time.


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