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31 Jul

I can never figure out any catchie (catchy) post title.  How do people come up with clever titles?  It’s beyond me.

Have you been watching the Olympics?  I do some but I’m not a crazy, must-watch every second kind of gal.  I like to watch swimming or anything pool related.  Last night was the synchronized men’s diving which I had never heard of before.  It’s now a new favorite of mine and the men look oh so nice in their teeny-tiny suits.  In fact, butt-crack isn’t so bad on their bodies!!  Oops, let’s focus again.  Swimming is awesome!  My daughter swam on a team for a couple of years and I loved watching her.  For some stupid reason, I let her quit and now I can’t get her to go back. I chalk it up to a moment of stupid parenting.  Did you know they had kayaking as an event?  I had no idea.  That course they built was pretty cool though!

Now for a quick update on the MS stuff….  Several weeks back I started drinking pop (you may know this as soda but it is pop where I’m from) and tea.  Stupid me.  My body can’t handle the carbonation or the caffeine.  I have adverse effects immediately just from drinking 8oz.  Well, when I get back to drinking them then I drink more and more.  Yesterday, I put a stop to that.  Water is now my go to drink and honestly I feel so much better when I am drinking that.  I’m having the crappy, nasty headaches associated to the withdrawal though.  Last night had a doozie.  If I hadn’t stopped drinking that stuff yesterday I would have thought the headache last night was MS related but it wasn’t.  Thanks goodness.   I’ve been having joint pain and some fatigue but I think that is completely related to what I’ve been eating.

I’m also attempting (this has to be like the 156,789th time I’ve attempted) to change my eating.  Lately I can’t seem to stomach cooking meat at home.  It is grossing me out.  I used to only have that squeamish feeling around chicken but now it is everything.  I can eat meat that someone else cooks without a problem but even heating something up in the microwave at home is disgusting me.  So, I’m leaning towards eating things that are ‘real’ food.  I’m not being fanatical about it though but I’m trying to choose real fruits and real veggies.  I’ll eat real butter or real cheese (which I hardly ever eat anyway).  I will probably eat tuna from a can some times.  I’ve always noticed that eating processed foods do not fill me up so I eat and eat.  If I eat a real food, I actually can feel full.  Sugar makes my feel like crap even though I love it.  Will I never have a sugary thing again?  No, but I don’t have to have it every hour!!!

This is also the first week I am trying to go workout after work each day.  Yesterday I found my favorite equipment called the Arc Trainer.  I can’t do the Elliptical as it hurts my knees and ankles but the Arc Trainer works well for me.  I prefer it over any of the others including a Treadmill.

Oh well, that’s all I’m writing about today.  Not very exciting but it never is.  Oh, just remembered. I ordered copies of my first MRI and the latest MRI for myself.  I wanted to be able to really look at the images and see the spots (lesions).  Just a few minutes in a doctor’s office doesn’t really help me ‘see’ what is going on.  Now I will have them to ponder over all I want!!


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3 responses to “Insert Catchie (Catchy) Post Title Here

  1. Renee' Ramlow

    July 31, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    It’s OK to admit you watch the olympics every spare waking moment and even had a tv put in the bathroom so you wouldn’t miss anything. It’s OK really. Good to know someone else who likes diving. For me it’s the awe of the small hole left in the water. How is that possible? I never liked the way carbonated beverages made me feel although I do have the occasional diet pepsi. I avoid caffeine as much as I can too. I just got a copy of my last mrii and am trying to figure out what significance my new small lesions mean. High right frontal lobe. Nice info online. Fun reading your post!

  2. The Orchestra Director's Wife

    August 1, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    I’ve never even see my MRI’s. Doc just gives me the ‘report’ on the MRI’s. I’d like to see mine, too.

    I feel your pain on the diet thing. We’re experimenting with a month long diet of whole foods, but cutting out the sugar, dairy, grains and legumes. It’s horrible. It has ruined my whole coffee experience without the cream and sugar. 😦 I think I feel better for it, though.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have added your blog to my feed reader. 🙂

  3. lifewithrrms

    August 9, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    I really like your blog! Thanks for following mine also. I cannot possibly give up caffeine. I drink coffee and am a serious red bull addict. It’s awful but I’m just being honest! You’re really smart to cut back on the sugar. I need to try that. I’m going to try and cut out a lot of bad stuff starting tomorrow. Maybe that will help with my fatigue also!


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