Like a Wet Noodle

27 Jul

Relaxed to the point of my legs feeling like a noodle…..



Those are words that describe how I felt after a Hydra-Massage yesterday.  AWESOME!

Let’s back up a step.  Earlier this week I went and signed up at a fitness club.  (I would say which one but I don’t want anyone that knows me that reads this blog to come stalk me there or anything.  I’m trying to be incognito while I’m fat. lol!  But, I think I’ll probably out myself on this within the next few sentences anyway.  So anyone that knows me PLEASE don’t come looking for me.  lol  )  The place is cool and there is a membership level that allows you to get all sorts of other stuff on top of just using the fitness equipment.  Of course, all these ‘things’ are really what is like icing on a cake for me!

I finally went yesterday for the first time to work-out.  The first couple of times going anywhere new for me is really stressful and anxiety riddled.  I did it though!  I went!  I walked on the treadmill for awhile and started sweating so I know it did some good…briefly.  Once I was done with the set time on the torture device  treadmill, I thought I might as well check out the hydra-massage thing if it was available.  Lucky me, it was available!!!

I was clueless how to work it but they were very helpful with what to do.  I laid done on it and went to a happy place immediately. It’s awesome!!!  You have all the control at your fingertips for the strength of the massage, the location and the speed.  It was 10 minutes of wonderfulness!!!!  With this MS stuff my body is always having some type of pain.  (I typically do not pay any attention to it anymore since it is not nearly as intense now that I’m off the medication.) This machine did wonders for relaxing my body.  When the session was done, I felt so very relaxed.

I actually left for home right after once I did the whole locker-room thing.  I’ve learned that I really should wait awhile before driving home.  I was just a bit too relaxed and kind of spacey for driving although I made it successfully home with no mishaps.  😀

I’ve decided that all the extras, with my membership, are actually like treats or ‘way to go’s’ for working out. In addition to the hydra-massage there is tanning and light-therapy.  AWESOME again!  To me these extras are all free, free, free and so, so, so worth it!!!!

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