What’s new with me – June 28, 2012

28 Jun

I hardly blog anymore it seems.  I used to have another blog and was regularly posting but then I just thought to myself, “Self?  Why are you doing this?” .  I couldn’t really come up with a reason so I just stopped with the other blog.  Sometimes I miss it.  It was my outlet to just blah, blah, blah on anything I wanted with no rules.  I guess I started to feel the pressure (pressure from myself) to write as often as possible.  It was stressing me out and you know how stress affects MS.  Anyway, here is an update on my life with MS (sucks, truly does).

1.  My dr. took me off the Betaseron on the 20th of June.  She asked me to call her a week later and give an update.  Guess what?  I started feeling better by the 22nd and Saturday I felt magnificent.  I did so much around the house!!  I felt so close to normal it was unreal.  The pain in my joints/muscles were only a minor twinge now and again.  Before I wasn’t able to squat down or get down on the floor and then get up very easily by myself.  Saturday I was on the floor laying out some quilt squares AND GOT UP WITH NO PROBLEM!!!!!  Oh, it was so very nice to feel good.  Best news…..the feeling continued most days.  I was a little sore on Sunday and I think that was from just doing so many things on Saturday.  I also went shopping for about 3 hours and that always makes the pain start up.  However, the pain didn’t get to the extreme that it was in the past and I wasn’t laid up the following day.

On Wednesday I called the dr to give the update. I told them that my pain level was a 1 or sometimes a 2 but only twinges, whereas before it was a constant 7 or 8.  She is having me stay off the med until a week before I go see her which is the 17th.  She believes the medicine was causing the pain which I don’t doubt at all.  I’m not really looking forward to even going back on it but it will just be the .25 dosage amount instead of the .50 which I was doing.

2.  I’ve been having horrible headaches every day for this entire month it seems.  I’m not sure if it is related to not taking the betaseron (withdrawal?) or not but they are much worse since I’ve stopped that.  I’ve tried ibuprofen and acetaminophen and nothing takes it away.  A cold washcloth on my forehead does the most good and I seem to be sleeping with it now.  I should just duck tape one to my head every day while I’m awake too but that might look a little strange!!

I know the headaches aren’t being caused by caffeine because I have stopped drinking anything but water since the 5th.  I’ve reduced the amount of sugar I’m eating also. It’s all part of my plan to get rid of this weight for once and all.  (I’m a little discouraged though since I’m plateauing right now but I think I’ve shocked my body into starvation mode since I eat very few calories each day.).  So far I’m down 11 pounds and I can tell that is making me feel better.

3.  It will be 104 degrees, or there abouts, today.  The heat really affects me with the MS stuff.  I’m hoping I don’t trigger anything when I’m briefly outside to just get in the car and go to the next destination.  I should have just stayed home since this headache today is a killer.

So that’s what is new with me for now.  I like feeling better but I worry about what the next steps will be after betaseron.  No medicine seems to be a great choice and although my insurance is fantastic I worry about what money it may cost me out-of-pocket.  I’m hoping nothing.  With me, it seems that any medicine I take I’m that one person that gets all the side effects.  Every time.  *sigh*

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One response to “What’s new with me – June 28, 2012

  1. A Dog With Fleas

    July 25, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Glad you are feeling better being off the medicine. It sure does suck, doesn’t it!! Hope you continue to feel less aches and pains and your headaches go away. Good luck to you and thanks for reading my blog as well!!


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