Update 6/5/2012

06 Jun

So what’s happening with me?  Let’s see:

1.  I had blood work taken again yesterday to check on the liver enzymes.  The prior labs showed that they were back in the normal range.  Well, now they are slightly elevated.  Not as drastic as they were but a little over.  So in two weeks I go again for labs.  Being poked some many times in my vein scar tissue is forming.  So far they are still able to draw the blood.  I imagine some day they will have to try in other locations and I don’t even want to think about where those other locations even might be.  Anyway, I’m to stay on the half-dosage of the Betaseron and my neuro is just hoping my body takes longer to get used to it.

2.  Since reducing the meds I have noticed that depression that I was in has lifted mostly. I still feel it but not like I did.  So, once again, I have another side effect symptom of the meds.  Figures.

3.  My legs hurt.  All day.  All night.  Non-stop.  When I touch any part of my leg from the knee down and even some places above the knee, it feels like my touch is dull.  So obviously I’m losing sensation of some sort.  If I walk around for 1-2 hours (shopping), the next 3, 4, 5 days I’m really hurting when I try to get up out of a chair, walk up or down stairs, and just walking.  I am almost completely unable to get up out of a squatting position without pulling myself up with my hands/arm.  If nothing is around….well, I haven’t come to that because I try NOT to do that.  I will lean over and do whatever rather than squat.

4.  New weird sensation that popped up about 5 days ago and continuing is that my upper lip on the right side only is tingly.  It feels like there is a hair stuck on it.  It was pretty bothersome the first day but now it just is what it is.

5.  I’ve gained a crapload of weight since starting on the medicine.  So, I just started back on the Ideal Protein diet to get rid of it.  I am sick of it….truly

6.  I know have a MS ribbon on my car and wear one of those orange bracelets which I don’t take off. My daughter has one too.

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