22 May

All my posts in this blog are so biotchy and whinny.  It’s really annoying.  *sigh*  Thank goodness hardly anyone follows it though!  Ha, my saving grace!!!!


1)  My neuro got my endocrinology appt moved way up from July to today.  I went and was told my thyroid medicine is just fine.  Huh??  Okay…  Well, it’s a tad off but not realy.  So my thyroid doesn’t seem to be the cause of all the crappiness in my health.

2) Liver enzymes still rising.  I had blood taken again today for it.  I’m sure they will still be rising.  *sigh*

3)  Until I start feeling somewhat better (I would like this to be sooner God, rather than later please), I’m working from home.  This allows me to take breaks every couple of hours to take a nap because am always so very tired!  And it seems to have decreased my stress levels which can only help.   It also seems to have slighly helped with the muscle/joint pain/stiffness because I’m not having to drive ( and stiffen up) or get up and down so much from my desk

4)  I ended up at convenient care last Thursday.  I got on antibiotics and they call yesterday and tell me the results were I have E.Coli??!!!  WTH!   Can anything more happen to me?  Why yes, it can.  Now I have some type of skin infection on my nose!  With antibiotics right now how am I getting that!???  Grrrrrrr

5)  I love the warm weather and summer.  I used to say I loved hot days and didn’t mind the humidity.  Now I am sweating in air conditioning!!!  WTH!  I can’t stay outside more than a few minutes and some MS symptoms pop-up.  So, my life seems to be more along the lines of staying in my house…..all the time.  *sigh*

6)  Since my thyroid is not out of whack I guess everything I’m experiencing is MS.  Joy.

This year for me has just been a banner year for my health.  I want it to start improving.  I don’t want to feel like this anymore.  If I whine, well, just let me.  It helps.  (Although I can’t remember the last time I felt happy or laughed and felt carefree.  I can’t remember not being so irritable.  I’m just a joy (not) to be around).;



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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Multiple Sclerosis


One response to “Biotchy

  1. stephanie

    May 28, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    I enjoy your biotchy posts. Not because I want you to be in pain but because its real and I can relate. Keep posting truth. It is most helpful. Thank you


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