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All my posts in this blog are so biotchy and whinny.  It’s really annoying.  *sigh*  Thank goodness hardly anyone follows it though!  Ha, my saving grace!!!!


1)  My neuro got my endocrinology appt moved way up from July to today.  I went and was told my thyroid medicine is just fine.  Huh??  Okay…  Well, it’s a tad off but not realy.  So my thyroid doesn’t seem to be the cause of all the crappiness in my health.

2) Liver enzymes still rising.  I had blood taken again today for it.  I’m sure they will still be rising.  *sigh*

3)  Until I start feeling somewhat better (I would like this to be sooner God, rather than later please), I’m working from home.  This allows me to take breaks every couple of hours to take a nap because am always so very tired!  And it seems to have decreased my stress levels which can only help.   It also seems to have slighly helped with the muscle/joint pain/stiffness because I’m not having to drive ( and stiffen up) or get up and down so much from my desk

4)  I ended up at convenient care last Thursday.  I got on antibiotics and they call yesterday and tell me the results were I have E.Coli??!!!  WTH!   Can anything more happen to me?  Why yes, it can.  Now I have some type of skin infection on my nose!  With antibiotics right now how am I getting that!???  Grrrrrrr

5)  I love the warm weather and summer.  I used to say I loved hot days and didn’t mind the humidity.  Now I am sweating in air conditioning!!!  WTH!  I can’t stay outside more than a few minutes and some MS symptoms pop-up.  So, my life seems to be more along the lines of staying in my house…..all the time.  *sigh*

6)  Since my thyroid is not out of whack I guess everything I’m experiencing is MS.  Joy.

This year for me has just been a banner year for my health.  I want it to start improving.  I don’t want to feel like this anymore.  If I whine, well, just let me.  It helps.  (Although I can’t remember the last time I felt happy or laughed and felt carefree.  I can’t remember not being so irritable.  I’m just a joy (not) to be around).;



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Thyroid is Wacked Out!

I’m certainly glad that I demanded the additional thyroid tests.  The numbers are,,,,not …at…. all….within normal range.  So, I get to go see an endocrinologist……..IN JULY!    Hmm, that seems like a long time away.  *sigh*


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Poo, I say! POO!

Yea, I’m pathetic at updating this blog. Anyway, here is the low-down wrap-up:

  • Like I said in the previous post (I think), my neuro reduced the dosage of Betaseron down to .75 instead of the full 1.0.  This past Tuesday I went in for another round of lab work.  Of course, you can guess what happened.  The liver enzymes are even higher and now some other particular test is starting to rise.  Oh joy…NOT!    So, the nurse called me yesterday and asked if I was having any gastrointestinal problems and nope…nothing that I haven’t already had.  So, I’m to reduce the dosage to .50 now and go repeat the labs on the 22nd.  *sigh*
  • I have gained 30 pounds…30!…since starting Betaseron.  Um, I think I must be in the 7% for THAT side effect.  This is just wonderous, joyous news also.  NOT!  I was already struggling and now this is just plain ridiculous.  If I go up more, it  will be my highest weight ever.  Right now I’m right on that thin (I wish) line from a weight I haven’t seen since 2003.
  • Due to said stupid-ass weight issues, I’m also experiencing the whole depression side effect. But I don’t know if it is really from betaseron or everything else messed up in my body.  I’m going to go see someone about this in July.  Why waiting so long?  Because that is the earliest I can get in!  Geez!
  • I did actually go see my primary doc, which I hadn’t done since the whole MS diagnosis or waiting game to find out if it was diagnosis.  So I went in this past Tuesday (before the labs) and told him all the crap going on.  I have a thyroid problem and have been on meds for that for 27 years or so.  I demanded that my thyroid labs be done and not just the 2 that are typical but a full gamut of them which was like 8 different things to look at for a complete picture.  The MS meds also can impact the thyroid so you can just imagine how wonderful I’m feeling.  Actually I’m pretty pissed off about everything right now and just sick and tired of it.  (You could probably tell that).  I guess it is healthier to be upset than just complacent though.  As for the thyroid labs, I’m still waiting on the results.  Pretty sure they are messed up.  I want to change to Armour rx rather than Synthroid but the doc seemed like he wasn’t thrilled about that.  He didn’t say no, but I could tell he wasn’t really wanting to do that.
  • It is starting to get warmer here in my neck of the woods.  We have had a terrific spring and love the spring temps.  This past weekend it got hot and I felt horrible and didn’t last very long at all in the heat.  Symptoms started appearing and making me feel like crap.  My neuro nurse just tells me I have to stay indoors in the cool air.  Hmm, I guess I’ll become even more of a hermit than I already am.  *sigh*  I’m going to get some cooling products (or make my own) for my neck, wrists & ankles…maybe even a hat.  I’m already starting to warn people that I may not be able to attend certain activities this summer as I can’t be outside very long.
  • I hope, and pray, that the doctors and a miracle worker can get my body to a point that I feel pretty good most of the time.  Right now I ache awake and asleep.  I toss and turn so much during the night because it all hurts…even if I don’t move.  It’s just annoying pain and not any that I am in tears over.  But it certainly is affecting me.  This can’t be any good for my rampant eating non-stop either because the more weight I gain more aches are added on top of what exists from other things.



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