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Stupid Blood Tests

Why do things happen to me? Okay, I know things happen to everyone. I’m just really getting tired of this stuff.

Today I went and got my blood drawn again. I’ve been doing this every 2 weeks. Two weeks ago my doctor informed me that the AST and ALT levels were slightly elevated. These are the ones they watch for regarding the liver. She just told me that they would see what the numbers looked like on the next test.

That test was today.

Both the AST and ALT levels are higher than last time.

This probably means I have to switch medication as good ole Betaseron is (possibly) damaging my liver.

Betaseron is the only thing I can afford.

The other options will cost me a lot of money every month that I can’t afford.

So, this should be interesting.

Can anyone say let’s just pile more stress on Kerrie because she simply doesn’t have enough already??

I’m pissed.


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What’s Up Peeps?

Yes, I have been MIA on this blog for some time. I really haven’t had much to say about my life and this disease. I’ve been at the full dosage amount on Betaseron for several weeks now. After switching from ibuprofen to Tylenol, I have gotten rid of most of the crappy, nauseous feelings that I was experiencing the day after a shot. I thought all was going well. Then, of course, I start having the muscle weakness/fatigue and extreme exhaustion. I ache all the time. The time I feel the muscle weakness the most is when I am upstairs in my house and have to come down the stairs. I have to hold on to the banister and support myself on the opposite wall. I have to creep down the stairs and really pay attention to every movement I make. I feel like there is going to be a day that I do something stupid and I fall down the stairs face first. That would suck.

This past Saturday was one of those days I basically slept the day away. Not on purpose. I wasn’t trying to just veg out and relax. I was experiencing that exhaustion that comes out of the blue and hits you like a ton of bricks. Nothing to do about it but fall immediately asleep. I did this multiple times. What a waste of a day.

Last Friday my neuro called and said my latest bloodwork shows a slight increase in the stuff they look at for liver functioning. I go again to the medical center vampire to get it checked next week. I suppose if it is still elevated, or even more so, I will have to make some type of decision again about medication. Well, folks, if I have to change, there is a good chance I can’t afford any of the other meds due to my insurance copay. Oh joy. I thought I was through with this hassle and stress.

I’m trying to focus on getting healthier. I’m like a broken record with this. Unfortunately stressors keep coming up that throw me off and health takes a backseat. I need to stop this. I hope I can. I’m thankful for the support I’m getting from some of my co-workers that are helping me figure out this stuff. I actually went on a walk at lunchtime today rather than sit on my butt in front of the computer. Last Thursday I signed up for membership to Planet Fitness as they were having a great pre-sale. I also started using to keep track of everything.

One step at a time….


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