Should I Have Hope?

27 Mar

I’ve been on the full dosage of the Betaseron for some time now. Amazingly, since getting to the full dosage…and after the first shot of an increase which is never fun….I have felt pretty good! Yay!

I changed from taking ibuprofen 1/2 hour before a shot to taking Tylenol (well, I take generic acetaminophen) 1/2 hour before, then just before bed and then the following morning. This seems to have really helped overall. The acid reflux also has died down a lot. Looking back over the past week+ I can say that I’ve only had a few brief yuckiness feelings in the mornings and then only one day of utter exhaustion. Compared to what was happening, this is way better.

Even though I feel better, this year still seems to be a year of health issues for myself or my daughter. In the past 7 days, I’ve taken her to the emergency room for different ‘possible’ broken bones. Luckily, each time it turned out it was only a bad bruise and no fracture. Last week, she had her fingers taped together. This week, she has a sling. I am hoping that once March closes, our health will be 100% great and not sucky.

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One response to “Should I Have Hope?

  1. Juicing my MS

    March 27, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    Never lose hope! Doctors themselves cannot explain the ‘placebo effect’. Hope is sometimes the best medicine!!! Here’s hoping you feel better!!


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