Dosage Smosage

15 Mar

Yea, that is my way of saying I finally got to the full dosage amount of my medication last night.  The first one.  Today I feel like crapola.  I came in to work but it will be a struggle.  I’m just so sick and tired of being, well, sick and tired.  I am so nauseous, lethargic, light-headed, muscles are horribly weak and are starting to become painful all over, and I am just sick to my stomach.  Acid reflux, cramping, sweating, clammy.  You name it I feel it.  Not sure why I bothered coming in.  Driving to work was a joke.  I can’t focus on anything.  I ate something for breakfast and immediately felt like a rock was in my throat.  Geez I hate this.  Hate it, hate it, hate it.  On top of that since starting the medicine I’ve gained even more weight.  I feel like crap.  All over.  My mental state is depressed and teary and I just really, really dislike so many things.  This disease and what one has to go through to ‘try’ to prevent it getting worse really sucks.


Add to all of that my daughter has been getting sick. Last night spent 3 hours in convenient care just to get her finger looked at due to a trampoline incident. Yep, it’s fractured. I sat there feeling worse and worse. Monday I had to work from home because she called me (after I was already at work) and said she didn’t feel good. So back I go home. What a waste of gasoline. So with either her illnesses or mine, it seems like I’m working from home every week at least one day. I don’t mind, but I doubt work is thrilled. And here I sit feeling really horrible and wishing I was lying down in my bed. It is bad enough that I’m close to tears. Yea, I could cry easily if I let myself.

Yea, today sucks

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