Water to the Rescue?

16 Feb

I became intrigued immediately by JuicingMyMS‘s blog post about water.

Water. Yep, water.

I know I should be drinking water. Up until this past September, water and tea were the only things I drank. But then Cancun happened. A vacation in sunny, HOT, Cancun. Did you know they have Coca-Cola there that is how they used to make it BEFORE there was high-fructose corn syrup? I didn’t but I found out and let me tell you IT IS AWESOME!!!! The flavor rocks!! So anyway, I came back with an addiction to pop (soda or whatever you call it). I’ve been drinking it ever sense.

What happened to the water? Well, I turned a cold shoulder to it as if it were in the same category now as an ex. To be totally forgotten! Was I too harsh? Um, yea, I do believe so.

I forgot that water is my friend. Without it, I get the dreaded Elephant Skin. I’m sure there are many things I feel physically that can be attributed to the lack of drinking water. AND, I know for a fact that drinking pop makes me act like a mad woman flipping out at the drop of a hat with no reason. (It’s not like I was poked with a stick or something. ha).

Since I’m a bookie ( a person that loves to read not the ‘other‘ type of bookie), I ordered three books about the miracle of water. Maybe water is the miracle I’ve been looking for on so many levels. It could be (or not)! But I don’t think it will hurt me. Pop is probably (definitely) hurting my body.

After ordering the books I promptly filled my 64oz mega water jug and have been sipping on it ever since. (I did have a coca-cola at 5:00am this morning though but I hadn’t been persuaded about the goodness of water yet from JuicingMyMs so I’m cutting myself slack on this one.) I’m going to strive to drink only water and tea (decaffeinated or herbal) from this point on. This is a babystep for me to try to fix my eating and start taking better care of myself. It seems more important to me now with this MS crap.

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One response to “Water to the Rescue?

  1. Juicing my MS

    February 16, 2012 at 11:09 am

    I know what you mean! The Pepsi they sell made with real sugar is so yummy!! But it’s all water for me from here on out! Here’s to you! šŸ˜€


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