Heat Wave

15 Feb

I love the summer months and the heat. I prefer hot weather over cold weather (winter sucks! ((I’m not a fan)) ). I’ve loved growing up in central Illinois in the heat and humidity of summertime. The heat never really bothered me. Well, that seems to have changed.

Okay, so I thought that my intolerance to heat was from surgery back in 2006 where I was completely neutered (ha ha ha – TMI for the men reading this post). I had the full surgery back then because of massive migraines that were like death. The surgery was a success in that those particular types of headaches went away almost magically.

I was chalking up my intolerance to heat due to hot flashes, but now I’m thinking I have been wrong on that. I might have had a few episodes directly related but I now think that it is just another MS symptom. My hands can be cold to the touch, but they will feel hot to me and will be bright red (like a lobster) from the wrist down for no reason at all. (Same with my feet but more so the hands) I can sit up in bed watching TV and as soon as I lie flat on my back to go to sleep, I get a rush of heat. It only lasts about 1-2 minutes thank goodness. I went to Cancun last fall and had a horrible, horrible time because of the heat. I have gone on longer walks (think hiking) and almost immediately my extremities swell up and are super hot. It becomes unbearable. I get lightheaded and just want to sit and get out of the sun.

I have no idea if this is the same symptoms as others with MS. I just feel like mine is probably related since I’ve noticed more and more my inability to just stay out in the heat.

I guess I can say I have an intolerance for cold too. Ever since the late 80’s, I have had cold feet and hands to the point that they go numb and all the coloring goes out. Yep, I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s back then. Now I see info on the web that Raynaud’s could just have been caused by MS (other other diseases).

It’s frustrating to think I’ve had this disease for many, many years and it took this long to finally have it discovered.

I have just one thing to say to all those people from my past that might have thought I was faking symptoms or being a woosie, “I WASN’T FAKING AND I’M NOT NOW!”

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