Number two down and out of the way

10 Feb

I’m in shot heaven I think.  Well, not really heaven but these shots have such thin needles that I can’t even feel the shot!  That totally rocks!!

Last night I decided to give the shot much earlier.  You see, on Tuesday night I felt like I was awake the entire night.  I get up Wednesday morning and felt really exhausted and my muscles were so weak and sore.  I figured that maybe I should give the shot earlier so that when I woke up before the crack of dawn (4:45am…yes AM!) that hopefully I wouldn’t end up like Wednesday.  I also took a higher dose of the Flexerall I take each night to prevent nighttime headaches.  (It also helps me sleep the entire night).

The good news is that I slept most of the night until about 2;30am and then just kind of kept waiting for the alarm clock goes off.  I’m thinking this betaseron has a side effect for me in that it keeps you awake and alert.  What do you know?  It does have that side effect.  Lucky me.  NOT!  I’ll have to discuss this with my neuro to find out what I can do to kind of curb that because it has been a problem for me without this new med so could get really annoying as time goes on.

What else have I noticed?  I get muscle pain/joint pain in my neck and shoulders when I’m sleeping.  Of course I can’t tell what is symptoms of MS and what is side effects of new drug because a lot of what I’ve been feeling this week while I sleep I have had regular occurrences before.  That leads me to the question of how does on know when they are relapsing??    My symptoms are all over the place and never completely clear that I’m clueless as to what is even normal and not normal nowadays.  How does the doctor even know when you are in remitting????  I’m serious here….I have no idea.  Can someone clue me in on this?

Back to the shot last night.  I was going to attempt my hip but couldn’t really figure out the one handed shot at all.  I guess I’m just going to have to skip this zone on both sides unless I figure out something.  I almost attempted it even with the awkwardness but figured I better not with only shot number 2.

Oh, and I am not having ANY reaction to the shot site…..yet.  It’s hard for me to even see where it was given.  Fingers crossed that lasts!





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2 responses to “Number two down and out of the way

  1. ms guided journey

    February 10, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    I use an auto injector as well and can inject in my hips with out a problem. You will get accustomed to it and be able to do it one handed while putting on mascara after the first month or so! Is this the first medicine you try? If so, I am wondering why you aren’t on Copaxone. My next post wil be about my medication and I am really thrilled to say that I haven’t had any really uncomfortable side effects besides an occasional lump that goes away in a day or so. The rate of relapse is much lower on Copaxone from what I’ve read. As for doctors testing for relapse, mine goes by the quarterly MRIs.

    • kerrieb40

      February 10, 2012 at 1:51 pm

      It is the first medicine for me. I was going to go with Copaxone, but with based on my insurance and the copay assistance that the pharmaceutical company offers I would have had a hefty out-of-pocket for copaxone. I have no out-of-pocket for betaseron. That made my decision for me.


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