And it has started….

08 Feb

I received my training on how to inject myself with Betaseron yesterday.  I had no nerves or fear of the moment occurring.  My nurse was super nice and answered my questions in a way I was able to understand.  (No brain fog was occurring yesterday thank goodness!!)  I didn’t actually get my first shot during the training though.  He would have let me but since it was noonish, we both agreed doing it before bed would be better just in case of side affects.  (Yes, sleeping off side affects is much better than struggling through them during the day).

I actually hadn’t looked at any of the stuff in the training kit before the nurse arrived.  I was imagining that the shot was all just ready and waiting to go into the auto-injector.  But nope.  You actually have to mix the stuff so there are more steps than I thought.  Thank goodness I had no memory issues yesterday either but even if I did the training kit has this wonderful photo guide for each step in getting the shot prepared.  I had it out last night when I was ready for the first shot, but didn’t need it.

My daughter watched me prepare everything up to  the point of where it was ready to give.  But once I was going to do the shot, she went somewhere else.  lol!  I didn’t have any other family member or friend take the training. It will be up to me to give myself the shots.  I’m okay with that.  I like to take things into my own hands anyway.

So, I decided my right thigh would get the honor of being the first.  (All the other parts are soooo jealous.  ha ha)  It was……..uneventful and not at all painful.  (I don’t mind shots anyway but this was hardly noticeable).  The auto-injector is VERY LOUD when you press the button / lever thingy to inject the shot.  That is very annoying but I can deal with it.

I was wondering how I would do with sleeping.  I took the ibuprofen about half-hour before giving myself the shot (per suggestion of nurse).  Then I gave the shot about 30-45 minutes before I went to bed.  Well, not sure if its a side-affect or not but I seem to have been awake more than sleeping the whole time.  I also have just a feeling of muscles aches especially around my neck, back and arms.  I’m exhausted this morning and more than a little spacey feeling.  It’s that quick exhausted fatigue that I have as one of my symptoms.  It seems to be hanging on longer than I usually experience in one episode (usually it’s just 1/2 hour then it goes away, then comes back later, and on and on).

The area where the shot was isn’t red or hurting at all.  That’s the other thing he warned me about where about 1/2 the people will get a red area that can stay for a long period of time. This first shot is a low dose so I’m not counting my chickens yet that I’m out of the woods.

So, today I’m staying home since I feel run over by an elephant.  I hope how I feel isn’t actually the side affects because I don’t want to feel like this everyday.  It’s difficult to function and hurts.  *sigh*  The wonderful life of someone with MS.

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One response to “And it has started….

  1. msguidedjourney

    February 8, 2012 at 9:17 am

    I am sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. I have had time to digest mine for nearly a year and am only just starting to write about it. So far it has proven to be very therapeutic. It’s great that you haven’t put it off. Please check out my new blog too so you know you aren’t alone in this journey. I will soon post some of the great resources I have gathered along the way.


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