Day 12: Take that BP! HA

19 Jan

My Bell’s Palsy stuff is GONE!!!  YAY!!!!!!  Yesterday was the first day I felt back to normal.  I can even drive without feeling vertigo stuff.   Whew, what a relief it is over.

When you have something like BP on top of MS it is certainly hard to figure out what symptom goes with what.  For the most part, the really annoying things are gone. Now I’m left with some slight garbling of my words when I talk (saying the wrong word or mispronouncing) and some nights I’ve been getting the dreaded headache that wakes me up in the middle of the night. Good news about that is if I just get up, usually it will go away in about 1/2 hour. What’s with that?  The only thing I think could be is maybe dehydration.  I’m a bad bad girl as I haven’t been drinking water.  For shame!  *smile*

Since MS can be triggered or exacerbated by stress, I’ve been trying to eliminate a whole bunch of stuff.  You see, I’ve been on a rampaging, never stop running around schedule since…well, probably 2007.  I keep getting my daughter involved in things and trying to get her to be open to trying new things because when I was a kid (and adult I admit) I cringed at new things.  I may have wanted to do them deep down, but I was so scared of the unknown.  So to not have my daughter live in that type of fear and really explore new things I would sign her up, sign her up, sign her up!!!  Now I have to stop that.  Just stop an smell the roses permanently and maybe do a few things once and awhile rather than every night.  I believe this has already started working for me as I feel much more calm about things in general.  Who would have thought I would feel like this right after being diagnosed with MS?!

Things I’ve done to de-stress:

1.  No more guitar lessons for bugaboo (my 11yr old daughter).  It was quite clear that this really cool thing she wanted to learn how to do was probably something she didn’t want to do any more.  She wasn’t practicing at all (or if she did she would for 5 minutes and say she was through.  *ugh*).  So, I told her to think over it and let me know if she wanted to continue.  Several days later she said nope and she was sorry.  She didn’t want me to be mad.  Hell, I was glad to be done with the cost involved and the running around!!

2.  No more swimming technical training practice for bugaboo.  She contemplated on this decision for about a week.  I wanted her to tell me if she would ever competitively swim again.  Unfortunately, not which makes me sad because she was a talented swimmer.  Oh well.  One less things that saves money & time.

3.  No more choir for me.  This one I had to make the decision.  I noticed that I was having some difficulty with seeing the words to sing and when my speech got messed up that my singing would too.  How annoying to sit there and be frustrated.  I miss my friends though and I do love to sing.  But for the time being it was causing me too much stress.

4.  Next year the bugaboo’s activities are going to be thought out carefully before making any decision.    Right now I’m imagining a world with only school activities.  We shall see.

5.  College courses for me.  I usually take three courses each semester to finish up several web certifications.  This time I have 2 (because the stupid school wouldn’t let me take the last 2 in addition because of something to do with how many credits I still have left and them allowing me to have the student loan).  I had to fight with the school to allow me those 2 courses.  I almost decided just to drop them all and be done but I didn’t.  I hope the semester is easy for me and goes quickly like last semester.

De-stressing is very calming so far.  I’ve always needed to have fifty thousand things on my plate.  I’m trying hard to not do that any more.


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One response to “Day 12: Take that BP! HA

  1. Heidi

    January 19, 2012 at 11:27 am

    hi kerrie! thank goodness you are feeling relief from BP.

    i can SO relate to having a super busy and stressful schedule. sounds like you do an amazing amount of fun stuff for yourself and your daughter. i have found that my MS chills out when I do too, unfortunately…i’d rather be going a mile a minute. cheers to slowing down a bit!


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