Day 9: What Shall I Read?

13 Jan

Since this diagnosis of MS is all new to me and because I’m an avid book reader, I decided to go browse Amazon to see what books are out there on the subject.    I did this last week probably day 1 or 2 after the diagnosis.  I found one book of immediate interest because it is all about the first year.  (Seems like there are a whole slew of books about medical conditions and the first year.  Who knew!)  So I ordered the book ”
The First Year: Multiple Sclerosis: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed” and it arrived at my doorstep yesterday.    Has anyone else read this??  I’m thinking of buying Awkward Bitch: My Life With MS also as it looks like a more entertaining read and may help me relate.

I’ve looked at the table of contents but that is about it.  I’m already behind in the reading as I should have read through about 70 pages!  I, of course, have been reading a Fantasy series instead!  *smile*  (currently on book two out of three of the series so can’t stop now!!)  Tomorrow, or maybe even tonight, I’ll read out those 70 pages and get up to speed on things I suppose.  Otherwise I’ll think the book has no purpose if I keep delaying it.

I wonder about books surrounding what you should eat when you have MS.  Hell, I know I eat like crap but I love the crap food.  I’m not a big raw food person or healthy foods person.  It’s something I know I need to change and I definitely probably should change now with this MS crapola.  I hear green juicing is big  (or just a big hype for 2012).  I toss it around inside my head if I could actually do that.  It would be a different lifestyle and a shock for me to do but maybe gradually I could do it.  It sure would be nice if I had support people doing it with me to make me stick to it.  Immediate family lets me get away with whatever because I can become bitchy.  lol!

Symptoms wise my day has been better for the Bell’s Palsy.  I can’t seem to tell what is BP and what is MS though.  I’m exhausted today so that has to be the MS.  Typing & writing issues continue and that could be either.  I’m clueless with what is causing it but I know how I feel.  Light still bothers me and I keep running in to things, however, my drinking and eating are much better and my face has dramatically improved.  Yippee for that!!!

I wonder if I can stay awake past 7pm tonight.  I want to sleep!!!!!






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