Day 6 (maybe) : Suffering from Bell’s Palsy

10 Jan

The last few days have been different.  Back in my post Day 4: Lopsided World I was talking about my lopsided face.  I didn’t think anything of it chalking it up to MS.  Then my dear sister (thank you to her!) was texting me and asking me if it was a stroke.  Huh?  I didn’t even think of that happening.  So I told myself to just go to the emergency room.  (We have a swanky new hospital in our town of 5000 and it is so convenient and NOT BUSY!)  I got rushed right in as they realized I was having a lot of difficulty speaking.

My 11 year old was with me and I thought she would have to stay in the waiting room. Nope, they let her right in.  They rushed out to get me (seriously there was no one there) and rolled out a wheelchair.  I can walk people!  Hell I just drove there!  Anyway, I was ushered in to a room by my neighbor (I have about 3 nurses on the block, a physician, and a retired dentist!  lol!)  While she was getting all the vitals and crap like that a very nice doctor came in and said I would have a CT scan of my head.  Okey dokey I say!!    The also ask if I have had a virus in the last 3 months.  Why, yes I have thank you.  I had a wonderful case of shingles about a month back.

That triggered the lightbulbs and Doc says he believes it is Bell’s Palsy but the CT would show better.  So, I did that and rolled back to the room.  My daughter and I waited in the room and played with silly putty.  lol!  I’m still in good spirits and didn’t want to freak her out. (I already broke down once earlier this day (Sunday) and sobbed my heart out. She was there just rubbing my back the whole time. I felt pathetic I was doing this in front of her. Ugh).

Anyway, I was given a shot of steroids in the old booty butt and two prescriptions for prednisone and some anti-virus stuff.  CT came back all clear of bleeding & tumors..just showed signs of MS active.  So then I go home.

Well, Monday I went to work and I shouldn’t have.  Driving is affected as I’m jerking the wheel on turns and crap like that.  Woke up with horrendous pain in the right side of my face.  Lights were killing me.  Get to work and lights and noises are putting me in misery.  Called the doc about the ER visit and couldn’t get in to see her until today.  So I cleared all with work that I can work from home until this clears up.

Today I worked from home. I’m not driving anywhere so hubby took me to my appointment today with neuro dr.  She did a full exam again and determined nothing going on in brainstem which she was worried about. All seems to be Bell’s Palsy related and it affecting the 8th nerve as well for my balance.  (Driving skills and running into doorways and tripping all accounted for).  My speech and typing has improved today. WOOHOO!  She thinks it is on the mend and I’m to call her on Monday to give her a report.  The thing that is annoying me the most is my eyes are just killing me. Luckily I can shut my right eye all the way still.  My smile sucks though.  Damn scary sight.

I wish I didn’t have this on top of the MS stuff.  Why the hell me I ask?  Oh well, it happened and I have to deal with it. From what I understand this should not be a permanent thing at all.  Maybe some remnants but not a lot.  We shall see.


NOTE:  Thank you thank you thank you for your comments!  I’m so happy that I have followers and can find like people.  The web is so cool that way!!!!




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3 responses to “Day 6 (maybe) : Suffering from Bell’s Palsy

  1. kateshunter

    January 10, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    so happy to hear you are ok!

  2. Lynn

    January 12, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    I had a mild case of Bell’s Palsy quite some time ago, with no other complications, and the doctor only gave me a shot of Vitamin B. It worked and I have no permanent side effects from it. Glad you are okay over all, and improving! Keep your chin up!!!

  3. harrymora

    January 13, 2012 at 12:44 am

    I had a very similar thing happen to me in the winter of ’09. I was working an extremely stressful job and suddenly in the middle of a work day an employee asked what was wrong with my face. I went to the ER, CT scan, MRI, nothing they could see. Since they couldn’t clearly see any MS activity they just sent me home and told me not to worry and give my neurologist a call if it got worse. Luckily it resolved itself by the end of the next week but, it was scary. The cruel things that MS can do to us. Be well.


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