Day 2: Annoying Symptoms

06 Jan

I’m beginning the 2nd day of ‘knowing’.  (I feel all-powerful since I’m all-knowing now.  ha ha)  I thought I would write about what crappy symptoms I am currently experiencing right this second.  You see, since my MRI is lit up like that damn whole block at Christmas time I take that as I am smack dab in the symptoms that are most frustrating.    Hmmm, I  wonder actually how long the lit up crap stays that way?  I haven’t really stumbled across anything that talks about that (but I haven’t looked either) and my doc didn’t say anything.  I suppose maybe there is no way to know. Anywho, back to the subject….

Crappy symptom number 1:  I can’t type worth a shit.  Now, I’m a good typer at about 90 wpm and am usually pretty darn accurate.  However, the last couple of days has been down the toilet with a bunch of waste product. (HA)  I should just type away on this blog and not correct any of the mistakes so you can see it.  It’s crappy ass horrible!  I am trying to concentrate and go slower with the keystrokes but it doesn’t completely solve the issue.  Since I work on the computer all day at my job this is frustrating.  *sigh*

Crappy symptom number 2:  My talking is getting a little garbled at times or I can’t think of the words I want to say quick enough when I’m talking.  Maybe this crap is 2 different symptoms.  I don’t know.  When I talk I feel like I am talking in the very front part of my mouth.  Hard to describe but I guess it has to do with forming the words and how my face/lips move.  Right now, it feels very much like all the movement is like when you pucker up to give a chicken peck kiss rather than a full out throat swabbing kiss.  (HA HA HA..  I just cracked myself up!  )  How my voice sounds seems slightly different too.  On top of that, some words are garbled together.  Gawd, this is freaking annoying.

Crappy symptom number 3:  I get bouts of being really tired throughout the day.  It isn’t all the time  but when it hits it seems almost impossible for me to keep my eyes open…literally.

[Here goes:  I’m going to show you my typing issues in the next paragraph.  Hopefully you will still be able to read it.]

Thesea re the syukptoms that I’m experiencing right now.  I have others but they aren’t showing up this onmrningl The laste cople of weeks I was experiencing headaches again that were lasting the whole day.  I seem to bet about 4 oremore a week .  Sometoimes I can take Excedring Migraine and they will go away. Other times nothing helps.  I take Flexerall at bedtime to try to help prevent them.  That makes me sleep like a baby too which is awaesome!!!  I also have joing pain but the doc things that the Pravastatin (cholesterol drug) mayb e causing that since I’ve taken for about 7 hears nowl  So they told me to stop and if it is impatcting this that I shoukld see a change in about 2 weeks to a month.  I’m hpefuly because someo f the pain is really annohyihng;  I guess some weakness in my body is also there because getting up from any position take s an effort and the first several steps I take are painful.  Of course none of these symptoms are every day and that is awesome and Im tahnkful.

Okay, so how bad was that paragraph!!! Arrrghghghghhhh!  How annoying!!  I will just have to take twice as long to do anything for awhile until the symptom goes away.  Unfortunately this isn’t just happening on a keyboard but also when I write.  You should see my crappy handwriting now.  No one else will be able to read it but hey, I like that.  It’s secretive and mysterious!!  LOL


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3 responses to “Day 2: Annoying Symptoms

  1. snbaker

    January 6, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    Hey girl! If you ever need to talk feel free to keep in contact with me. Sounds like we are in the same boat. I had been trying to get my dr. to test me for MS for two years and finally got the test i needed to prove it. It was a struggle, still is a struggle but its not all bad. I have found myself doing things I never would have now that i know I have MS. Ive known since July so I have a little info going on and I am on rebif now. You should look into it. They do a $50 a month, so even with insurance if you have it or dont you wont pay more then 50 a month and its only 3 times a week. 🙂

  2. anothergoodday

    January 7, 2012 at 5:28 am

    I think we are soul mates. Those are/were my symptoms. Only I have some issues with my leg in addition to those. I was diagnosed 7 years ago. I was working then. I knew that I didn’t feel like myself, something was off. I was extremely fatigued, I was losing hearing in my left ear and my thinking is/was muddled. And forget communicating clearly. So. I go to the ENT about my hearing. My hearing test was so messed up that he sent me for an MRI. Thats when they found the MS. I did have some major lesions on my brain, and when they did the MRI on my neck they found even more ‘major lesions’. But anyway, its been my experience that the lesions ‘get old’. What you saw on your MRI are ‘enhancing lesions’ that light up big time when they give you that contrast stuff. Once you are on meds, those will fade and not react to the contrast. Thats a good thing. New ones may or may not come.
    I’m on Copaxone. I seem to tolerate that better than some of the other meds. Rebif is a stronger drug that is more aggressive in fighting the MS. Oh and don’t give up on the financing. Lots of these drug companies offer assistance programs. Give them a call to see what you need to do. Do. Not. Give. Up.

  3. msgirllv

    January 7, 2012 at 11:40 am

    Yes, I’m experiencing those sames symptoms, except the headaches. My hand writing
    Is crappy and I can’t type…mostly because my left hands numb. I type at work and can usually do 60 wpm no problem.

    The speech thing is kind of the same, also my volume is an issue. I tend to shout without realizing it. It’s getting better and will for you too. We are both newbies to this but I have a couple months on you. It’s getting better.


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